It is your responsibility to Insure your property and your pet. Pets Companion accepts no liability for damage caused by your Pet or the sitter during an assignment. You will be liable in the event that the sitter or a third party is injured by your pet. 

The client must, before handing over the assignment to Pets Companion, make sure they have given full written details and instructions on care of their pet and the house (if house sitting) . Pets Companion will not be held responsible if full instructions are not given in advance on the assignment. 

In the event of an emergency, Pets Companion will try by all means to contact the client. Failing this we will accept the advice of a veterinary surgery of your choice in the best interest and welfare of your pet. All veterinary treatment costs will be the sole responsibility the client. 

Clients are required to complete an General Information form giving details of their vet, insurance details, and any other relevant details for their pet. 

When bookings are made a 50% non refundable deposit is required. This will only be refunded if Pets Companion for any reason has to cancel the booking. 

All dogs will be exercised on a lead unless prior agreement has been reached with Pets Companion and a disclaimer form has been signed. 

VISITS: The client must phone Pets Companion as soon as they return home. Pets Companion will continue to visit the property and care for the pets until the client has confirmed that the pet(s) are now back in their care. Clients will be charged the full daily rate for any unnecessary additional visits made. 

The client should notify their neighbours and their home insurance company that Pets Companion will be visiting the property in the client's absence. 

Should the client return early during an assignment, full fees are payable. Refunds will be considered at the company’s discretion. 

We reserve the right to either impose supplementary charges and/or terminate the agreement if, the assignment changes from the description given by the client and needs more time or responsibility or if there is a change of the nature of the assignment which could not have been reasonable foreseen by either party.