My name is Heike and I am vegan.

I run and own Pets Companion, it is my pride and joy, with my partner Luken.

I have experience with a wide variety of animals, I am extremely passionate about animals. I have worked at various organizations, S.P.C.As, Vet Hospitals, Free Me Wildlife Rehab Centre, Lucky Lucy Foundation and Hound Haven. 

I have always been involved with animals, I need to be with them. All I know in my life is, animals. The animal kingdom is the only place I feel truly happy, comfortable, safe and confident. I have had so many memories, laughed so much. The experience and knowledge I have gained is wonderful, I want more, I will never stop. 

I have been through some extremely tough times, and when I looked around, there was always a sweet face to comfort me. The dogs and cats that were around me seemed to just know when I was sad, and just looking into their eyes I would feel their soul. They understand and are very aware of a lot more than we think they do. How wonderful are these creatures that God created? Just beautiful, intelligent, caring, amazing creatures! We could learn a lot and have learnt a lot from the animal kingdom. I would always wish to be an animal ,just be part of them. I cannot! However, I can be a part, by being their voice and doing my best to make lives easier for nature, animals and the people that are involved. 

I started Pets Companion when I was 15, I just wanted to experience all sorts of animals all the time. Mine was not enough! I wanted to see what was out there, and earn a little extra money on the side (which I gave to my dad). I would hand out pamphlets and it was only for dog-walking mostly. I enjoyed it very much, but life kind of rolls you into jobs and all sorts of things and before I knew it, Pets Companion was very small and in the background. A few years ago I revived Pets Companion, expanding and improving the services, catering eventually to all needs. 

Luken and I got married and two boys was birth - thus a little break was needed, but business goes on as usual!